John Roth, Sr

John Roth, Jr

Alfred Roth

In 1885, John Roth & Sons was founded by John Roth Sr. and his two sons, John Jr and Alfred. The company's primary business was as a beef packing plant. (The company purchased the first cattle sold through the Omaha Union Stockyards). With the untimely death of one of the sons, Alfred Roth, in 1935, the company was left to John Roth Sr and John Roth Jr as the owners of the company. 

Clarence Buscher

That same year, Clarence Buscher joined the firm and later married one of John Roth Jr's daughters. In 1941, John Roth Sr died leaving the company to John Roth Jr and Clarence Buscher. The company was incorporated in 1948 under its present name of JOHN ROTH AND SON INC. The company was expanded in 1958 increasing its slaughter capacity. 

Donnie, Jim, Jack, Bob, and Clarence Jr Buscher (Clarence Sr is sitting)

In 1965, John Roth Jr died leaving the company to Clarence Buscher, who was joined by his five sons in the operations of the company. The company was expanded in 1970 again increasing the capacity. In 1979, Clarence Buscher died leaving the company to his five sons. In 1983, the company expanded into beef fabrication and box beef sales. By 1985, the slaughter operations of the company were closed leaving the box beef operation. In 1994, the company changed direction and entered into the manufacturing of animal protein products. 

Robert Buscher, Jr.

In 1995, the company was joined by the fifth generation of the family, Robert B. Buscher Jr. At present, Robert Jr, his father, Robert Sr, and uncles, Sam and Donald Buscher, operate the company.


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